jävla projektplan, du tar kål på mig

Postat av: gesa

i love the pic but why did you apply the blur tool on parts of the skin? =/ would be more authentic and realistic without it, in my opinion :)


2009-11-06 @ 23:33:50
Postat av: karol

oh, thanks! yeah, I totally agree! The thing is that I duplicated the layer and blurred the whole thing and then erased the parts that I wanted to be sharp. But I did it really bad, especially around the mouth- as you can see. haha

yes, maybe I shouldn't have done it at all?

anyway, thanks for your critic! I like when people are honest!

cheers :)

2009-11-07 @ 09:44:50
URL: http://ofkarol.blogg.se/
Postat av: Clara

Awesome how you take the risk to post your photo in such a large format, since a lot of people like to steal photos nowadays. I like this photo. Keep up the good work!

2009-11-08 @ 21:58:54
URL: http://radical-illustrations.blogspot.com

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